Microsoft Research Using Kinect Technology To Build Medical Image Search Engine

Posted Mar 21, 2011

The research arm of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is working on a new project that will help doctors navigate around the medical imagery generated from routine CT scans. ?As medical imaging has advanced, so many images are produced that there is a kind of information overload. The workload has grown a lot,? stated Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Chicago Medical Center Kenji Suzuki.

Antonio Criminisi is leading a group at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, United Kingdom to build databases of medical imagery. The system will index the images generated during the scans. It automatically recognizes organs and Criminisi’s team is helping train the system to detect brain tumors.

Criminisi’s team takes the 2D and 3D images and indexes them together. The software gives doctors the ability to search and index database of images by organ. The medical image databases uses the text comments linked to the image for doctors to search through. The Microsoft team is also using motion technology found in the Kinect to develop the system. Surgeons will be able to navigate through the images using gestures.