Microsoft Rumored To Be Building A Stylus That Works On Any LCD Screen

Posted Jul 23, 2012

According to MIT’s Technology Review, Microsoft is working on releasing a stylus that would be able to interact with any existing display or device.  Researchers at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley office designed the stylus and are waiting to hear if the company will continue the development or test it as a potential product.

There are styluses on the market that are supposed to work on devices like the iPad and the iPhone, but they are inaccurate.  Stylus support requires an extra layer of sensors that are built into a device’s display.

Andreas Nowatzyk and Anoop Gupta designed the stylus by using a grid of pixels that make up a digital display as a navigational system for the backwards-compatible stylus.  Developing the sensor would be a challenge.  The Microsoft team that created the stylus has also created a design that would add 4 radio antennae into the frame of a regular display, which would be able to read the information from a stylus.