Microsoft Rumored To Be In Talks For Seeqpod Acquisition

Posted May 12, 2009

In late April, Seeqpod founder Kasian Franks reported that his company is in talks to become acquired by a major company.  Seeqpod recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to all of the litigation that they are dealing with from major music labels.  Now the homepage of Seeqpod contains a cryptic message stating “While we’re cocooned for metamorphosis… ”

The term metamorphosis links directly to indicating that Microsoft may be the company behind a potential acquisition.  Seeqpod is rumored to be selling their search technology to Microsoft rather than the whole company.  Seeqpod team members may also be seeking employment from the software giant.

Seeqpod’s search engine has indexed about 14 million playable audio files across the web.  Seeqpod also holds five patents related to this technology.  Seeqpod started at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab.  On the homepage of Seeqpod, there is also a link suggestion to follow a band called Arlo Hero on Twitter.