Microsoft Servers Overwhelmed By Windows 7 Beta Download

Posted Jan 9, 2009

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) hit the skids today when many people were trying to download the free test version of the Windows 7 beta operating system today.  The software went live at 12PM Pacific Time.  The software will be available until the last day of January.  Microsoft doesn’t plan on changing or adding features, but still would like to hear feedback about the operating system.

“We got ourselves in a little trouble with Windows Vista; it became a bag of mixed things and didn’t really figure out what it was about,” stated Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows Products.  “There was a lot of feature creep. You had people saying ‘Let’s change this and that.’ Windows 7 has been very disciplined.”

Windows 7 has a heavy focus on boot-up time cutting, extended battery life, streamlined tasks, and the enhancement of smart device interaction.  The fact that Microsoft couldn’t handle all that traffic indicates that people are looking forward to the new operating system.  Vista already has a bad rep so it is important for Windows 7 to exceed expectations.  Otherwise Apple will continue the trend of growing twice as fast as the PC market.

[via AFP]