Microsoft Shows Preview Of Explorer In Windows 8

Posted Aug 30, 2011

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced a new user interface for Windows Explorer built in to Windows 8. Windows Explorer will use the Microsoft ribbon features. There will be over 200 commands in Explorer although Microsoft found that the top 10 commands represent 81.8% of all usage.

?We evaluated several different UI command affordances including expanded versions of the Vista/Windows 7 command bar,? stated Microsoft program manager Alex Simons. ?The ribbon approach offered benefits in line with our goals.?

?These strengths fit well with our three goals ? the ribbon would allow us to create an optimized file manager where commands would have reliable, logical locations in a streamlined experience,? says Simons. Microsoft?s new Windows 8 ribbon interface includes a home tab that hones in on the main file management tasks, these include Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Cut, and Properties. These commands make up 84% of what users in Windows Explorer do.”

The Share Tab allows people to quickly share files and folders by zipping, printing, e-mailing and faxing data. The View tab allows you to view files in the preview, details, and navigation pane. You can quickly group columns, add columns, show file extensions, hide files and show hidden files. The Explorer also has a search tab for filtering searches. All 200 commands in the ribbon now has keyboard shortcuts that can be customized.

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