Microsoft Silverlight To Steam Video On Presidential Inaugural Committee Website

Posted Jan 17, 2009

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Silverlight will be used for the Presidential Inaugural Committee website to steam President-elect Barack Obama’s and Vice President elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in event this Tuesday.  Microsoft Silverlight is the software giant’s response to Adobe Flash.  Flash was originally developed by Macromedia, a company that Adobe bought out several years ago.

Silverlight will also be powering the video for Obama and Biden’s “Whistle Stop Tour” today.  The tour will be taking place between Philadelphia and Washington D.C. for celebrations.  ISteamPlanet, a content-delivery company based in Las Vegas, Nevada is working with Microsoft on streaming the event.

Silverlight 1.0 was first launched in April 2007, but it was quite ambiguous about what the capabilities were.  Silverlight 2 was released last October and it was the first time it could be seen as a Flash replacement.  The Democratic National Convention Committee used Silverlight 2 to power the proceedings from the convention.  This included Obama’s acceptance speech to over 80,000 in Denver.

[via PCWorld]