Microsoft SkyDrive Hits 1 Billion Documents

Posted Feb 11, 2013

Microsoft SkyDrive is used for storing Office documents.  SkyDrive has hit about one billion documents hosted.  Microsoft is celebrating the milestone by making collaboration within SkyDrive easier.  Users will no longer need to sign in with their Microsoft account nor will they need to have a Microsoft account to access and edit documents in Office Web Apps going forward.

This change was especially required by students that found it rather unnecessary to have to create a Microsoft account to make a few edits or drop in a section for their group paper.  Office Web Apps lets multiple users simultaneously edit a document.  Users that feature about their presentations falling into the wrong hands can rest assured that the documents can only be edited through an e-mail invitation from one of the collaborators.

SkyDrive used to be called Windows Live Folders.  Later it was renamed to Windows Live SkyDrive.  Now it is just known as SkyDrive.

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