Microsoft Still Considering The Yahoo! Deal

Posted Apr 30, 2008

Microsoft Corporation management met today to strategize what to do about Yahoo! Yahoo! believes that the offer that Microsoft is offering is too low to accept. Microsoft may be willing to spend $32-$33 per share. The original offer is about $29.12 per share. It’s rumored that Yahoo!’s board wants $35-$37.

CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer and Bear Sterns’ CEO, Alan Schwartz are working with major Yahoo! shareholders to figure out what the options are. Microsoft may walk away from the offer which could cause the search engine company’s stock plummet.

Yahoo! is still thinking of merging with AOL. Maybe even an ad deal with Google.

Information Source:
[1] Wall Street Journal: Microsoft Board Mulls Yahoo Bid But Price Remains Key Issue by Kevin J. Delaney, Robert A. Guth and Matthew Karnitschnig