Microsoft Submitting Proposal For Faster Internet

Posted Mar 28, 2012

Microsoft is submitting a proposal for making a faster Internet protocol to the standards body known for creating HTTP 2.0. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is meeting this week to discuss the future of HTTP. HTTP 2.0 is on their agenda.

Another candidate for HTTP 2.0 is Google’s SPDY protocol known as “speedy.” This would replace the HTTP protocol. When requesting a website or file, your browser will most likely request it using an HTTP protocol, which is why http appears at the front of most web addresses.

The SPDY protocol supposedly handles all HTTP tasks 50% faster. Chrome and Firefox both support SPDY and several websites like Google and Twitter have already implemented some of their pages within the protocol. The IETF is going to discuss whether to make SPDY a standard.

Microsoft’s protocol will be called HTTP Speed+Mobility. This would be built on SPDY, but has improvements from work on the HTML5 WebSockets API. There is an emphasis on mobile apps as well. ?We think that apps ? not just browsers ? should get faster,? stated Jean Paoli, General Manager of Interoperability Strategy at Microsoft.

?SPDY has done a great job raising awareness of web performance and taking a ?clean slate? approach to improving HTTP,? Paoli added. ?The main departures from SPDY are to address the needs of mobile devices and applications.?