Microsoft To Bring Zune Market To The TV

Posted Mar 1, 2009

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has plans to take the Zune media player and online store to television sets.  The Zune online store is called the Zune Marketplace sells millions of songs, podcasts, music videos, and TV shows for downloads.  The Zune market made about $85 million in revenue during the Christmas quarter.

The Zune has a way to go in terms of competing with the iPod.  iTunes pulled in about $3.5 billion during the Christmas quarter and almost 200 million iPods have been sold.  Only about two million Zunes have been sold as of May 2008.

Steve Ballmer stated that Microsoft is “bringing our Zune Service, not the Zune hardware but the Zune entertainment service, to all three screens, PC, phone, and TV.”

[via PCW]