Microsoft To Open 44 Retail Stores By The End Of 2013

Posted Jul 11, 2012

Microsoft will be opening 44 new retail stores by the end of the fiscal year 2013, which means by the end of June 2013.  It was around a year ago that Microsoft executives said that they were planning to open 75 new Microsoft stores in 2-3 years.  Apple currently has about 300 stores worldwide.
 Microsoft Stores sell PCs, Windows Phones, Microsoft software, games, and peripherals.  Microsoft will be selling the Microsoft Surface in Microsoft Stores.  Microsoft announced their retail store launch plan in February 2009.

Microsoft is opening a new store in Orlando, Florida on August 16 and a store in Boston on August 23th at the Prudential Center store.  The stores will be expanded to Puerto Rico (San Juan) and Canada (Toronto) this year.

The “Microsoft Store brand will become more pervasive and go out into the world,” said Microsoft COO Kevin Turner.