Microsoft Unveils Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Posted Feb 29, 2012

Today Microsoft has officially announced the consumer preview of Windows 8. Microsoft has also released Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview 5. You can find the OS preview at Microsoft had showcased Windows 8 preview in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress where Microsoft is heavily marketing the Windows Phone platform. “Our goal with Windows 8 is to deliver PCs without compromise,” stated Windows head Steven Sinofsky when he took the stage at MWC.

Windows 8 comes with an app store and Microsoft revealed a number of apps that will be part of the launch. These apps include PuzzleTouch Jigsaw, Air Soccer, Pew Pew, and Elements Weather. Sinofsky also pointed out how an Acer ultrabook running Windows 8 was able to boot up in 8 seconds.

There is not an exact timeline for when the final version of Windows 8 will be available, but we could probably expected it by the end of the year. More details of Windows 8 Enterprise will be revealed at CeBIT.