Microsoft Wants To Put Your Picture On An Ad In Times Square

Posted Sep 19, 2008

Yesterday, Microsoft Corporation launched their I’m A PC Campaign and based on what I’ve seen on the blogosphere, the people loved it compared to the Seinfeld ads.  To complement the I’m A PC campaign, Microsoft launched a new viral marketing website.  The company wants you to send your picture or video proclaiming that you are a PC too.  If your video or picture is interesting enough, your face will show up on a big screen in Times Square in New York or on the website.

The website is called Get Into the Campaign and they are taking a very YouTube like approach.  YouTube wants you to put videos online of yourself expressing your personality, but in this case Microsoft makes it easy for you by giving you the first line of the video that must be said.  Microsoft is running this whole campaign to improve their image from the PC vs. Mac ads.  This is the perfect timing to run this campaign because the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) PC vs. Mac ads are losing their flair.

Microsoft has also hired UFC fighter Rashad Evans for some of their next ads.  Evans is known for knocking out Chuck Liddell this past month.  Erick Schonfeld suggested that they use Evans to beat the crap out a guy that looks like Mac actor, Justin Long.