Microsoft Announces The General Availability Of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

Posted Apr 16, 2013

Today Microsoft has announced the general availability of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services. The service makes it easier for customers to move applications into the cloud.  Microsoft launched the service after talking to numerous partners and customers.  Microsoft learned that customers do not want to rip and replace their current infrastructure to benefit from the cloud.  Customers prefer to have their on-premises investments with the flexibility of the cloud.

“Customers have also told me that they don?t want to have to choose either a low price or good performance; they want a low price and good performance. That?s why today we are also announcing a commitment to match Amazon Web Services prices for commodity services such as compute, storage and bandwidth.  This starts with reducing our GA prices on Virtual Machines and Cloud Services by 21-33%.  Regardless of how you choose to buy Windows Azure, you?ll get the benefit of this price reduction,” stated Bill Hilf, the general manager of product management for Microsoft’s Windows Azure.

Microsoft said that you can run applications to help managed your cloud computing like SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamic NAV, and BizTalk Server.  Currently Windows Azure has about 200,000 customers.