Microsoft Zune Price Drops; Apple Announces New Products, Lower Prices, and An iPod That Looks And Acts Like An iPhone (Without The Phone)

Posted Sep 5, 2007

Apple Inc. made a few major announcements today including a partnership with Starbuck’s, some price drops, and some upcoming new products. Microsoft also followed

The iPod Shuffle will soon cost $79, the iPod Nano will cost $149-$199, the classic iPod will cost $249 (now 80GB)-$360 (160GB), the Apple iPhone will cost $499-$599, and the iPod Touch has built in wi-fi and will cost $299-$399. With the iPhone price drop, some customers may be able to get a refund.

Apple and Starbuck’s also struck a deal that involves Wi-Fi, coffee shops, and Apple Touch and iPhone products. Let’s say that you own an iPod Touch or iPhone and you walk into a Starbuck’s, a button will appear which will navigate the user to the current song playing in that coffee shop through the new Wi-Fi iTunes service. Consumerism is now being driven more and more towards a wireless world.

The Microsoft Zune price has now dropped to $199. The announcement was made yesterday on Zune Insider. It will come to no surprise if Microsoft introduces a new line of Zunes with new colors, lower prices, and smaller consoles by the holiday season.