Microsoft’s Deal With The NFL Is Worth $400 Million Over 5 Years

Posted May 22, 2013

When Microsoft revealed the Xbox One yesterday, the company also pointed out that they have a deal in place with the NFL.  We now know the specifics of the deal.  The deal is worth $400 million over the next 5 years and Microsoft will develop technology that makes watching NFL football more interactive for fans that are on the Xbox One video game console.  Other Microsoft devices that support Xbox Live will also be supported.

Viewers will be able to split their screens to access stats and their fantasy football information.  Xbox Live users will also be able to watch highlights and Skype with fans during game broadcasts.  Additional data can be sent to mobile devices and tablets with the second-screen SmartGlass app. The NFL is also considering coaches and referees to utilize Microsoft Surface tablets to monitor formations or replays during games from the sidelines.  Microsoft will also gain exposure from having their logo appear on the sides of instant replays and on the devices that NFL officials will be carrying around.

The financial details were not disclosed, but it was confirmed by sources with Variety.  The NFL is still discussing how much exposure Microsoft will get.