Microsoft’s Halo Series Hits 26 Million YouTube Views

Posted Nov 21, 2012

Microsoft Corporation has hit 26 million total views on YouTube since they launched their Halo: Forward Unto Dawn live action series.  The series debuted on the Machinima YouTube channel last month.  The miniseries has 5 parts and was launched this past October.  The miniseries ties in with the release of Halo 4.  343 Industries spent $10 million producing the miniseries.

343 Industries’ director of franchise business development Matt McCloskey said that the point of the series was to give fans a look at the early life of one of Halo 4’s main characters named Thomas Lasky.  The goal of the miniseries was to educate people that never played previous Halo games.

The first episode of the miniseries hit over 9 million YouTube views.  Each episode that followed hit over aroun 4 million views each.  Machinima EVP of Marketing Kevin Doohan said that the drop is normal for shows that are broken into episodes.  The original trailer got around 9 million views.  There was a lot of excitement around the premiere.

Fans barely dropped off from the 19 minute video until the last minute or so.  The number of favorites was around 34% higher than other Machinima content too.

Machinima has around 138 million YouTube subscribers and they post a lot of original content to gamers and geeks.  Machinima is exclusively airing a new SyFy series based on the Battlestar Galactica TV show.  The show being added to Machinima is called Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome.

?We see a great future in this content. I would see us doing much, much more of this long form stuff,? stated Mr. Doohan ?It?s a great marraige between our content creators and our audience.?