Microsoft’s “History Of The Internet” Video Is Funnier Than Seinfeld

Posted Mar 21, 2009

Jeffrey Rayport (Harvard Prof), Beth Dover (comedian), Ask A Ninja, Janeane Garofalo (comedian), Dave Hill, Christian Finnegan (comedian), Jordan Carlos (comedian), Baron Vaughn (comedian), and the Hamster Dance all star in this marketing video put together by Microsoft’s ad agency Bradley and Montgomery. Its a 5 minute video about the “history of the Internet.”  The video was made in promotion of Internet Explorer 8.

I’d say that this video is funnier than the set of clips Microsoft put together using Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates. This video brought back memories of The Hamster Dance and Ask A Ninja, two Internet memes that made people say “WTF is this?” in their head. I also love the Ask A Ninja’s reference to Steve Ballmer’s developers, developers, developers rant.

[via BI]