Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) Is Having The “Biggest Hiring Initiative Since The Inception Of MacBU Eleven Years Ago.”

Posted Jun 24, 2008

With over 23 million 3G iPhones and millions of Macs and MacBook Air products expected to sell over the next year, what happens to Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)?  Microsoft gets more demand for their Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) products such as Office for Mac. 

This is the “biggest hiring initiative since the inception of MacBU eleven years ago” stated Microsoft’s Craig Eisler, General Manager at Microsoft’s MacBU.  The division is “hard at work planning for products beyond Office 2008, and we are growing our team to help turn our vision into reality.”

The MacBU division of Microsoft develops the Mac version of Microsoft Office, Messenger, and Remote Desktop Client.  The team consists of 180+ Microsoft employees and generates yearly revenue of $350 million.

Here is a top 10 list of reasons why people should join Microsoft MacBU according to Eisler on his blog.

10. We are the brightest, coolest, and most interesting business unit at Microsoft â?? if we do say so ourselves 
9. Weâ??re passionate about our products, the platform, our customers, and our kick-butt industrial strength margarita machine
8. High energy, passionate, fun team â?? we love what we do!
7. Free caffeine, tastily packaged in soda cans and in our fiendishly addictive coffee machines. Oh, and free milk and juice, too
6. Microsoft offers industry-leading benefits all around, but our health care benefit is amazing
5. Small team, big challenges: every member of our team makes a huge impact on our business
4. One of the largest dedicated Mac software development organizations outside of Apple
3. We work for Microsoft and we are proud of it!
2. Our software is used by millions of people around the world
1. Three words: Mac. Office. Microsoft. â??Nuff said.