Microsoft’s Robot Touch Screen Will Allow Doctors To Examine A Brain [Video]

Posted Jun 29, 2013

Generally medical imaging is shown on two-dimensional computer screens.  At TechFest this year, Microsoft Research demoed several new user interaction applications.  Microsoft Research demoed a touch screen called TouchMover.

The robotic system reflects the physical properties of virtual objects on the screen.  It will even be harder to move a virtual granite block in a 3D playground than a wooden block.  The plastic beach balls will be light just like in real life.

Researchers tested out this same technology using a full set of MRI brain scans and showed how doctors can scroll through them and annotate specific slides.  The TouchMover would also be able to provide haptic feedback based on the material properties and texture of the skull bone and brain tissue.  This makes it possible for doctors feel like they are actually palpating an actual brain.