Mila Raises $3.2 Million

Posted Mar 5, 2013

Mila is a company that was built at a company called coresystems.  Mila has raised around ?2.5 million (which is about $3.2 million) in Series A funding.  This round was led by Peter Zencke (a former SAP executive) and Adrian Bult (former Swisscom Mobile CEO).  Mila is an online marketplace for running small tasks and errands.  The service can be considered similar to companies like TaskRabbit and Sorted.

“We believe that there should be an easy, convenient way for friendly people in their local communities to help each other get more done. With Mila, you can now connect with people around you offering services, or you can earn extra cash by offering your own services or time to those in your neighborhood,” stated Mila CEO Manuel Grenacher.

Mila is planning to expand beyond Europe including Indonesia and China.  Mila is currently available on the web.  The company is planning to release smartphone applications by the end of the month.