Miley Cyrus’ Quitting Twitter Rap Video Hits 3 Million Views In 3 Days [Video]

Posted Oct 12, 2009

Miley Cyrus is a celebrity that currently has the Midas touch. Every tweet, video, and song that she puts together becomes media gold. Last week I reported that Cyrus quit Twitter because her rumored boyfriend recommended it. However Cyrus made a rap video embedded above that reports the real reason why she quit. That reason is because of tabloids. The tabloids take her tweets and sometimes make reports on them that are out of context. This reasons does seem like a logical, but it is a blow to her fans nonetheless that follow her religiously.

The rap video above hit 3 million views in about 3 days. If Cyrus did not like the attention, then why would she put up a video which she knew would put her back in the spotlight? ?I want my private life private,? raps Cyrus. ?I?m living for me.? Of course Cyrus wants the attention, but only at a moderate level.

Miley Cyrus does make a good rapper for a Caucasian tween girl. But I still think Taylor Swift’s performance with T-Pain was more upbeat and fun. Beyonce has the greatest video of all time though.