‘Miley Cyrus’ was most searched keyword on Yahoo! in 2013

Posted Dec 3, 2013

Yahoo! has announced the top search trends for 2013.  Yahoo! also compiled data from Tumblr for the report. Yahoo! said that most of the search trends from last year had to do with the election, but this year searches are more celebrity-driven. The most searched word for the year was Miley Cyrus, largely driven by her “Wrecking Ball” video and her VMA performance.  Here are the top Yahoo! searches in 2013:

  1. miley cyrus
  2. kim kardashian
  3. kate upton
  4. minecraft
  5. selena gomez
  6. obamacare
  7. amanda bynes
  8. jodi arias
  9. iphone 5
  10. justin bieber

Yahoo! also listed the most viral blogs on Tumblr. Here is that list:

  1. Reasons My Son Is Crying
  2. This Charming Charlie
  3. Hot-Dog Legs
  4. Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things
  5. The Worst Room
  6. Brides Throwing Cats
  7. Emojinal Art Gallery
  8. Exploding Actresses
  9. Yacht Cats
  10. Buzzfeed Articles Without the GIFs

[Source: SearchEngineLand]