Military Bans Thumb Drives Because Of WikiLeaks

Posted Dec 10, 2010

The military has been telling their troops to stop using CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, etc. or they may be at risk of a court martial. You may remember that the soldier that stole government documents and had it leaked on WikiLeaks burned the information on a Lady Gaga CD. Maj. Gen. Richard Webber, the commander of the Air Force Network Operations, issued the “Cyber Control Order” on December 3rd.

?Unauthorized data transfers routinely occur on classified networks using removable media and are a method the insider threat uses to exploit classified information. To mitigate the activity, all Air Force organizations must immediately suspend all SIPRNET data transfer activities on removable media,? stated the order. However this will adversely affect a lot of the troops. It will make it harder to transfer data for operational needs.

This is not the first time that the military banned disks. About two years ago, the Pentagon forbade the use of disks after a worm was uploaded to several hundreds of thousands of computers. The ban was removed this past February after the worm was cleaned up through an effort called “Operational Buckshot Yankee.”