Tracks Local Deals For 2.8 Million Retail Store Products

Posted May 18, 2010 is a website that allows shoppers to find local deals for retail products online. Milo’s end goal is to bring every product on every shelf of every store and add deals for products on the website. Milo currently works with 50 retailers and tracks about 2.8 million products in real-time.

Stores include Target, Best Buy, etc. ?Smaller stores that once viewed technology as a threat, now see the benefit it has for reaching potential shoppers and attracting new customers into their actual brick and mortar locations,? stated founder and CEO Jack Abraham in a recent press release. ?With little to no technical investment on the retailers? end, can deliver mom-and-pop shops straight from the Yellow Pages into the big leagues and give them a platform on which to display their goods to the masses.?