Mini-Documentary About The Oatmeal Founder Matthew Inman From Last Call with Carson Daly [VIDEO]

Posted Apr 2, 2010

Matthew Inman is one of my most favorite cartoonists on the Internet. He is the founder of has infographics that are very humorous, yet informative at the same time. One of my most favorite infographics that he made was “15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee.” Inman used to work for a marketing company and did not enjoy it much. Inman started a dating website called Mingle2 so he could make his own money. He used his viral marketing techniques and comics to get people to gain interest in the dating website. After he sold Mingle2, he decided to start a website dedicated to just the comics. Inman said that he found inspiration from Gary Larson’s cartoon The Far Side. Below is a mini-documentary about Matthew Inman from Last Call with Carson Daly.