Mininova Traffic Drops 66% After Going Legal

Posted Dec 6, 2009

After The Pirate Bay ran into some issues and turned off their torrent search engine, Mininova become the king of torrent search. That was one week ago, but since then Mininova was forced to remove torrents uploaded by all their regular users due to a negative verdict in the court battle with the local anti-piracy organization BREIN. The only torrents that are still being indexed on Mininova are provided by a list of approved users.

Mininova’s traffic dropped 66% as a result and the daily download count is less than 4% of what they were before. Mininova was getting 5 million visits the day before the torrents were removed and then 1.8 million visits as of Friday. The number of downloads per day dropped from over 10 million per day to 371,424 [TorrentFreak].