Minnesota Resident Vivica Warren, 10, Finds A Kidney Donor Through Facebook

Posted Dec 29, 2010

I like hearing good news that revolve around social media. In this case, a 10 year old girl from Minnesota received a new kidney from a stranger through Facebook. Vivica Warren’s mom Donette had written a note in Facebook that asked anyone if they would donate a kidney to her daughter. She asked all of her friends to repost the message.

Cathy Olsen eventually saw it on a friend’s wall and found out that she was a match. Vivica was born with six holes in her heart and suffered from 5 strokes. She had gone through 40 surgeries since she was born. The young girl was given the new kidney through a surgery performed at the University of Minnesota. ?This is the best gift anyone can give,? said Donette in an interview with Kare11. ?It?s priceless. I can never tell Cathy thank you enough.?

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