Mint now supports Coinbase to track Bitcoin finances

Posted Jan 30, 2014

Mint, the popular personal finance service, now has integration with the Bitcoin wallet service Coinbase. Now Bitcoin owners can track how much their cryptocurrency portfolio is worth. Mint has 14 million users and can connect users to 20,000 bank accounts, credit cards, and loan/investment accounts.

?There are now 12 million Bitcoin in circulation and 60,000 merchants accepting it via Coinbase,? stated Mint product manager Vince Maniago in an interview with VentureBeat. ?We felt like it was something we couldn?t ignore anymore, and this is a good time to go out and support the currency as it becomes more legitimate.?

Maniago said that he bought some Bitcoin as an investment and realized that it was hard to track the balance along with other investments. Since Bitcoin’s value fluctuates a lot, Mint treats it like an investment.