Mint Founder Aaron Patzer Invests In Topicmarks

Posted Mar 21, 2011 founder Aaron Patzer has invested in Topicmarks. Topicmarks is a startup company that uses semantic text technology to extract important information from any document. Topicmarks is looking to raise $700,000 in seed funding and Patzer led the round.

?These guys have tech developed over the last three years, a team of strong engineers, deals in place with Evernote and ShareVault already,? stated Patzer in an interview with AngelList. ?Also, I?ve done a dive into the algorithms behind the system, which are impressive and being patented.? Patzer sold to Intuit for $170 million last year.

Patzer also has investments in and HealthTap. TopicMarks scans documents and creates a CliffNotes-like version of it with a summary and key points. Check out a video demo below:

6th Founder Showcase: Winner – Topicmarks from Founder Institute on Vimeo.