Gets A Fresh Redesign

Posted Aug 18, 2008 is a website that enables users to aggregate financial information and build reports.  The site is relaunching a new design today with enhanced financial features and educational tools. Features
Some of the new features that has added since launching last September includes budgeting tools, brokerage/investment accounts, mortgage accounts, student loans, and auto loans. is also launching How-To guides, where experts give advice on planning retirement, paying student loans, buying a car, creating a personal budget, etc.

One of the best features offers is monitoring the APR on your credit cards and providing suggestions on ways to save money.  Personally I’d like to find out more information about credit cards that offer 0% APR until a certain month.  I just switched to a Bank of America credit card for 0%, but not based on’s recommendation.  I actually received the information about the Bank of America 0% APR credit card from a pamphlet in the mail.

The purpose of’s new design is that it those looking for a specific financial purpose find it right on the homepage.  Notice the retirement, student loan, buying a car, and paying off debt at the bottom?  Who doesn’t want to do that?  According to Mashable, made double-digit growth when adding the new look in turning visitors into members. 

The new looks pretty cool.  I haven’t played around with Mint in a while, but I’m sure I’ll get into it when I have money lying around in many different accounts. has about $17 million in funding.