Mio Moov S501 and S401 GPS Devices To Be Available In June

Posted May 17, 2009

Mio has announced the official availability of their new GPS devices: the Moov S501 and the Moov S401.  The Moov S401 has a 4.3″ inch display and the S501 has a 4.7″ display.  Both will have a “Spirit” interface and will have Google Send-To-GPS functions.  NavPix will provide location-pulling frompohots and there is a text-to-speech feature for street names.  MioMore 2 PC software will have a way to calculate mileage and fuel economy.  The S501 is the thinnest personal navigation device to date at 0.64″ thickness.  The S401 is 0.71″ thick.  The S501 will cost $200 and the S401 will cost $180 and both will arrive in June.

[via Engadget]