Miss England Not Amused With MySpace Impersonator

Posted Oct 8, 2007

“I went on to the site and thought ‘this isn’t my MySpace account’. For a start, the background music was 50 Cent, whereas mine would be a lot more girly,” said Georgia Horsley, Miss England winner.

This past week, Horsley searched for her name on Google and found an impostor of herself. She then contacted MySpace to have the profile shut down. The MySpace profile was covered with Horsley’s pictures, but the profile had interests that she did not have, an about me page that matched the persona of someone else, and said that she was single. But in reality, Horsley is in a stable relationship.

MySpace has a knack for hosting numerous profiles created by some random people out there. But its strange knowing that the impersonation doesn’t just stop at celebrities, but even goes after 20 year old girls. I pulled a list from MyDigitalLife of some fake celebrity MySpace profiles. Whether MySpace will take any action soon is anybody’s guess.

[Information Source/Photo Credit: Telegraph.co.uk]

Fake Celebrity MySpace Profiles:
Jennifer Aniston
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
Rachel Bilson
Ryan Gosling
Keanu Reeves
Kaley Cuoco
Lacey Chabert
Drew Berrymore
Jonathan Bennett
Joanna Levesque (Jojo)
Ryan Gosling
Mia Tyler
Mary-Kate Olsen
Paris Hilton
Nicky Hilton
Cameron Diaz
Sarah Jessica Parker
Samantha Jones