MIT?s SENSEable City Lab Uses Flickr To Create “The World’s Eyes”

Posted Mar 27, 2009

Every time someone on Flickr uploads an image, they let people know the location of where each photograph was taken.  Each photo is also tagged.  In the Design Museum in Barcelona, the above video is being used and the display is called ?Los Ojos Del Mundo.”

The display tracks local photographers throughout their adventures around Spain and transmits it into the video. According to the MIT City Lab website:

When posting photos online, users of the photo sharing platform Flickr transmit to the world their perspective of a place or event through the lens of a digital camera. Each digital photo file codes both the time when that photo was taken and the location it captures. Analyzing this information allows us to follow the trail that each Flickr photographer travels through Spain. (Un)photographed Spain maps thousands of these public, digital footprints over one year. As photos overlap in certain locations, they expose the places that attract the photographer?s gaze . In contrast, the absence of images in other locations reveal the unphotographed spaces of a more introverted Spain.

[via GearCrave]