Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (7211) recalls 920,000 vehicles due to light switch defect

Posted Jun 13, 2014

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (TYO:7211) said that it was recalling more than 920,000 vehicles worldwide due to a light switch defect, according to Bloomberg.

Mitsubishi recalled around 703,888 cars in Japan, including the 2003-2008 eK Wagon and Pajero models. The defective cars represent over twice the number that Mitsubishi delivered in the country last fiscal year. 

The Japanese transport ministry issued a warning in December 2012 that said Mitsubishi was ?passive? in handling recalls related to engine-oil leaks. Mitsubishi Motors recalled 1.76 million vehicles over the oil defect after that. No accidents were reported due to the light switch defect. The recall includes some of the vehicles that Mitsubishi made for Nissan.

Mitsubishi builds rebadged mini-cars like the eK Wagon and eK Custom for Nissan. Mitsubishi and Nissan launched a joint venture last year to develop mini-cars to compete with Honda and Suzuki.