MixerCast Raises $6 Million And Announces Widget Ad Platform

Posted Jan 22, 2008

MixerCast Inc. is a widget platform company that is based in San Mateo, Calif.  The company makes it easy for users to design widgets using mashups of video, photos, and sounds.  Then users can embed their customized widgets into their social networks, blogs, and websites.  MixerCast announced today that they have raised $6 million in funding and that they will be starting a revenue model that revolves around ads built into widgets.

“MixerCast recently called down $4.25 million of a $5.57 million of this Series B round just over a month ago, and had a round of funding last summer for an additional $2.6 million that the company now has to take advantage of,” stated Kristen Nicole [Mashable: MixerCast Gets to $6M, Reveals More Plans for Widget Ads].  The investment was provided by Intel Capital, ONSET Ventures, and Velocity Interactive Group.

MixerCast’s upcoming advertising revenueplan is called MCast Suite.  My guess is that there will be text link advertisements placed on the sides of the supported widgets.  Content for the widgets will be supported by Slide, RockYou, and Clearspring as well.  MixerCast has partnerships with Entertainment Tonight, Gettyimages, ABC, Muze, CBS, PumpAudio, and BuddyLube.