Mobile Loyalty Ad Platform Company Cardagin Networks Raises $4.25 Million

Posted Jul 21, 2011

Cardagin Networks is a company that has developed a mobile loyalty program and an advertising platform. Cardagin has raised $4.25 million in a series A-1 round of funding. The angel investors that participated in this round are based in New York, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. Cardagin now has $5.25 million in total funding.

Cardagin allows local businesses to design and monetize mobile loyalty programs. These local businesses also have the opportunity to provide access to rewards and promotions through mobile devices. The platform is self-service for these merchants.

Cardagin uses mobile GPS to serve ads to potential customers in real-time. Cardagin founder and CEO Rob Masri said that the mobile app was developed in tested in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is where the company is based. About 1,000 businesses have signed up thus far.