MobileIron Raises $9 Million Immediately After Launching

Posted Aug 11, 2009

MobileIron is a mobile phone company that launched after being in stealth mode last week.  The company raised $9 million immediately after coming out of stealth mode.  MobileIron is intended to be a mobile security company for enterprises.

“The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform is the first solution to combine data-driven central management of smartphones with deep visibility into real-time usage and cost drivers,” states the MobileIron Products page. “It is a simple-to-install appliance that plugs into your corporate network and lets you quickly gain control of your smartphone operations. Smartphone data moves to the cloud, giving IT, finance, and end users full visibility and control of smartphone operations through a central window.”

MobileIron can also monitor the data usage and alert IT departments when employees are nearing certain thresholds.  This way the IT departments of companies can maintain costs when providing employees with smartphones.

The investors include Norwest Venture Partners, Storm Ventures, and Sequoia Capital.

[via InformationWeek]