MobileSpaces Raises $8.6 Million From Marker LLC and Accel

Posted Jul 24, 2013

MobileSpaces is a Silver Spring, Maryland based startup that has raised $8.6 million in a second round of funding from Marker LLC and Accel Partners.  Accel Partners is a previous investor in MobileSpace with partner Rich Wong joining the company’s board of directors.  MobileSpaces is known for securing mobile applications.  MobileSpaces uses proprietary application virtualization technology to create a secure workspace so that employees can use their phones while at work.

IT administrators at companies can create policies for workspace use around each app.  MobileSpaces can remotely deploy applications and whitelist applications for company use.  MobileSpace can also remotely remove or wipe applications from employee phones.  Within MobileSpaces’ workspace, enterprise apps can run natively like consumer apps.  Data can be secured and isolated.

MobileSpaces is able to divide personal data of employees and corporate data.  Even though other mobile device management companies usually allow employees to use several apps on corporate networks, MobileSpaces covers the full range of applications in Google Play and the Apple App Store.  MobileSpaces co-founder David Goldschlag used to work as McAfee’s VP of mobile.