Mobli Raises $60 Million In Funding

Posted Nov 6, 2013

Mobli is a photo-sharing application that has raised $60 million in funding.  Mobli’s investors include celebrities like Tobey Maguire, Serena Williams, and Lance Armstrong.  América Móvil, the Mexican telecommunications company run by Carlos Slim, joined this $60 million round o funding.

América Móvil’s investment in Mobli was strategic and Mobli will be introduced to subscribers “throughout the Americas.”  América Móvil has nearly a quarter of a billion subscribers.

Mobli plans to use the funding to make their images searchable so people can share their experiences.  In other words, Mobli will be using the funding to expand their visual search engine.  Back in July 2013, América Móvil also invested $40 million in audio recognition tech company, Shazam.

[Source: GigaOm]