Tesla Model S May Be The New Police Cars In Atherton, California

Posted Nov 10, 2013

In the city of Atherton, California, the new police cars may be Model S vehicles.  In Atherton, the average home price is around $6.7 million and 15% of the drivers have a Tesla Model S.  In an interview with San Jose Mercury News, City Manager George Rodericks said that he wants to see Atherton cops in Tesla vehicles.  The higher-end Model S has 415 horsepower, which means that police could easily go after criminals and speed towards crime scenes.

There are several disadvantages to using the Model S as a police cruiser though.  For starters, the Model S is expensive.  The basic Model S costs $70,000 and integrating police add-ons could make the car twice as expensive as the Dodge Charger Pursuit. 

The Model S also depends on battery chargers and police officers cannot risk to run on low charges.  The police stations would have to be able to perform quick battery swaps.

If the city of Atherton effectively proves that the Model S makes a great police car replacement, then it would encourage other ritzy cities to do the same. Maybe we would see Beverly Hills, California and areas of the The Hamptons in New York consider it too.

[Source: DigitalTrends]