Inside The Tesla Model S Factory [Video]

Posted Jul 17, 2013

Wired’s YouTube channel has gone inside the Tesla Motors factory to show us how the Tesla Model S sedan is built.  The video starts out by showing how Tesla uncoils rolls of aluminum, then moves it into a blanking tool where the aluminum is flattened and cut.  The aluminum is fed into a press line where the panels are formed.

The press line can build 1 part every 6 seconds.  The parts are brought into the body shop, which is a central location for the cars being built.  The robots used for building putting the cars together look extremely sophisticated.

There are 160 robots that are in the factory that focus on a specific task like cutting metal, painting, and shaping components.  One of the robots even puts the seats into the metal body of the car!  That same robot can even grab the rear windshield, put glue on it, and place it on the rear of the car.

It takes around 3-5 days for a Tesla Model S vehicle to go from raw material to being finished on the line.

There is only so much I can describe in words.  Below is the video: