Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): There’s a Model S vehicle in every state now

Posted Jan 29, 2014

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has hit another major milestone. There is a now a Model S registered in every single state in the United States. This was made official with a recent registration in Jackson, Mississippi. Mississippi was the last state to lack a Tesla vehicle over the last eight months. It took Tesla 18 months to enter all 50 states. As a comparison, it took 23 months for the Nissan Leaf and 11 months for the Chevy Volt to arrive in every single state.

“It was no surprise that Mississippians weren’t rushing to acquire a Model S since the state has the smallest market share of EVs in the nation. They prefer large trucks which are the most popular segment in the state, comprising over 20% of new vehicle registrations in 2013,” said Jessica Caldwell of Edmunds.com. “The Model S initially launched in California, where the first models were registered in June 2012. Soon after, the vehicle saw rapid state expansion with 42 states plus the District of Columbia reporting Model S registrations by the year?s end. The 2nd-to-last state to see the electric vehicle registered was West Virginia in April 2013.”

The state of California has 48% of the registered Model S vehicles altogether. However, Washington and Hawaii are ranked at the top for electric vehicle market share.