Interview With MOGL CEO and Co-Founder Jon Carder

Posted Aug 27, 2012

MOGL is a San Diego based company that has hit the achievement of generating 100,000 donated meals through a seamless giving-back component built into their app.  MOGL is a leading customer loyalty platform for restaurants that uses psychology, technology, and game mechanics rather than punch codes, coupons, QR codes, or membership IDs.  After speaking with MOGL CEO and co-founder Jon Carder, I learned that this company was his fourth startup and he has learned a lot up from previous experiences that have been applied to this business model.

MOGL’s meal-for-meal program is where MOGL donates a meal to a person every time they spend $20 through the app at a partner restaurant.  The app automatically tracks credit/debit transactions that are made through the restaurant transactions.  MOGL has worked with some restaurants to give a 10% cash-back initiative.  There are leader-boards built into MOGL’s app for certain restaurants as well.  Even the second and third place users are eligible for prizes at certain restaurants.

MOGL started about two years ago and their product has been live since about 16 months ago.  The company has 75 employees and also has offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  MOGL has the largest restaurant program in San Diego right now with more partners than OpenTable there.

MOGL provides restaurant partners with a dashboard to check out reports about their users.  Based on data, MOGL has seen an average increase in spend by users that have the app versus people that do not have the app at the restaurants.  The attrition rate of restaurant visitors that have MOGL is at about 1% while users that have loyalty punch cards are at about 6-7%.  These numbers are very impressive and I am looking forward to the day that MOGL gets so big that they start expanding everywhere.  We could definitely use a service like this in Metro Detroit.