Molinker Gets Banned From iTunes App Store For Fake Reviews

Posted Dec 7, 2009

Molinker Inc. was one of those Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone application developers that produced a bunch of limited functionality apps and stuck them in the store. They made over 1,000 apps and got caught scamming the application review system. All thousand of their applications were taken down from the Apple App Store too.

The phony reviews were caught by a friend of the person that runs the Iphoneography blog. He or she noticed that about 90% of the reviews on Molinker applications were made by the same group of people. Most of those people had very bad grammar indicating that the fake reviews were outsourced to people in overseas firms. MobileCrunch points out that the application NightCam Pro had about 42 out of 44 5-star reviews were fake.

iPhoneography and the friend of the blog that caught the phony reviews sent a 5 paragraph e-mail to Apple VP Phil Schiller.

Molinker was the second largest (in terms of app quantity) App development company to get banned from the App Store. The first was Khalid Shaikh’s Perfect Acumen development company.