Posted Sep 20, 2012 is an business card printing company that has acquired, a website where people can create online personal profiles. was created by Hii Def Inc.  Hii Def is selling the brand, website, intellectual property, technology, and 500,000 users.  Hii Def is keeping Goodsie, a website for small businesses to create e-commerce websites.  The deal is made entirely in cash.

?Despite being a printer, the fundamentals of our business are around identity,? stated CEO and founder Richard Moross.  ?We learned it might be for sale and got very excited,? he says. launched in 2006 and built around the concept of setting up inexpensive business card printing.  The company has partnerships with Facebook and Flickr. has printed around 50 million cards last year and they are on track to double this year.  Around 11 people are joining as part of the acquisition.