Moonfruit Claims Overwhelming Results By Promotional Twitter Campaign

Posted Jul 6, 2009

is a website that makes it easy to build a website without advertisements.  There is also social networking tools, drag and drop editing software, website promotion, ability to add third party content from YouTube and Google Maps, and the ability to embed your own video and MP3s.  As part of the company’s 10th anniversary, they have decided to run a promotion campaign on Twitter in which users had to use the hashtag “#moonfruit” to be eligible for a daily drawing of one out of ten Apple MacBooks.

On Thursday evening, the hashtag moonfruit surpassed Twitter trends such as Michael Jackson and Wimbledon.  According to Moonfruit founder Wendy White, traffic to their website increased 600% and the number of users doubled.  Many Twitter users decided to add the hashtags in subliminal messages such as “I wonder if #moonfruit would make my dog sick” and “I will make a #moonfruit cake if I win a MacBook.”  Anyone that creates a Moonfruit tribute will also win an iPod Touch such as a YouTube video or a song.

[via Clickz]