Motif Raises $25 Million

Posted Apr 14, 2013

Motif is an investment ideas platform that has raised $25 million in Series C funding.  The company starts by finding an investment idea, analyzes stocks related to the idea, weighs up to 30 stocks to form a motif, and sells each motif for $9.95.

Motify Investing is a startup that is being headed by former Microsoft exec Hardeep Walia.  This round of funding was led by Goldman Sachs.  Motif has now raised a total of $51 million since starting in the middle of 2010.  All of Motif’s previous investors participated in this round including Ignition Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, and Foundation Capital.  Darren Cohen, the managing director of principal strategic investments at Goldman Sachs, is joining Motif’s board as an observer.

Over 7,500 “motifs” have launched since the platform went live this past summer.  Some of the popular motifs that have been created include Biotech Breakthrough and Housing Recovery.  This is a great alternative to buying each stock individually or putting money into a mutual fund.

Motif does not collect management fees, which is one of the ways that they distinguish themselves from traditional online brokerage services.  Motif also sells value-added services and products to their users.

Through the new round of funding, Motif will enhance their product for financial advisors to encourage them to use the platform for their own clients.  Motif will also increase their staff count with a focus on engineering.  Motif currently has 40 full-time employees.