Motorola Droid R2-D2 Arriving On September 30 (Verizon Is Using The Force)

Posted Sep 27, 2010

On September 30, Verizon is going to start selling the Motorola Droid R2-D2. The limited edition device is rumored to have a 1.2GHz processor. The frame of the phone resembles the R2-D2 robot character from Star Wars. The Droid R2-D2 phone also will include ringtones, wallpapers, an R2-D2 clock widget, notifications, and a binoculars application related to the Star Wars character. The in-store price is $350 with a $100 MIR, bringing the total to $250. One of the reasons why I find this new phone interesting is because Motorola pays Lucasfilm Ltd. royalties for using the Droid name since they own the trademark. I would not be surprised if Lucasfilm is letting Motorola off the hook for this limited edition device. [Mashable]