Motorola Droid Shadow Gets Left In Gym, Sent To Gizmodo

Posted May 25, 2010

An unreleased Motorola Droid Shadow mobile phone was left in a gym and a picture was sent over to Gizmodo. This is the second major photo of a device found in a public place sent to Gizmodo within the last couple months, the first being the 4G iPhone.

The phone was left at a corporate Verizon gym in Washington. Motorola’s second Droid will be exclusively available on Verizon and has an 8 megapixel camera. The camera is capable of shooting 720p video. It also has a 4.3″ screen and will be using Android Froyo. The Motorola Droid Shadow will have 16GB of internal storage, run on the Snapdragon processor, and have an HDMI port. [Gizmodo]